Professional Responsibility Workload Report

Completing a Professional Responsibility Workload Report Form is one of the best ways to meet your professional practice standards. It allows you to document concerns and help to start discussions about promoting changes that benefit your patients, clients, and residents. The form serves as protection for ONA members, shifting the accountability for resolution and legal liability back to their administrative leaders and the employer.

Please email a copy of your PRC form to the email address listed below

Vice Bargaining Unit President, The Ottawa Hospital

PRC Specialist

Ontario Nurses’ Association

36 Antares DR, Suite 1000

Ottawa, Ontario

Tel: (613) 731-1314, x 224



Hospital Professional Responsibility Workload Report Form

This form is for reporting workload issues in hospitals.



Sample Professional Responsibility Workload Report Forms for Hospital Issues



Workload/Professional Responsibility Review Tool


Professional Practice Decision Trees

The decision trees noted below can help you to determine how to deal with practice issues and what resources and support you may have available.


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