Local 83 Committee

TOH-Bargaining Unit


The Local structure is composed of several internal committees that function to serve our membership of more than 4400. Local Policy and Procedures, Financial Policies, Educational Policies, and additional Guidelines are followed by all committee members. ONA Central oversees Local governance.

Executive Committee: elected for a 3-year term. Local Coordinator/Bargaining Unit President, First Vice Coordinator, Treasurer, Secretary, Site Vice-Presidents, and Grievance Officers

Health & Safety / Human Rights: elected, 3-year term. The chair is the First Vice Coordinator. One lead per each site with members at each site sitting on the Joint Health and Safety Committee.

Nurse Representative: Front line, one per nursing unit/ward

Education Committee: 3-year term, Chair is the Local Secretary, one member per sites

Election Committee: operates during an election year, one chair and a member per sites

Finance Committee: 3-year term. The chair is the Local treasurer.

Policy & Procedure Committee: The Executive Committee and accepted by the membership at a membership meeting

Ad Hoc Committee: created as necessary and time-limited. Voluntary

ONA/TOH Joint Committees 

Local 83 members sit on many of the Hospital committees, committee participation is outlined in the Terms of Reference for each committee.

NPP: Nursing Professional Practice

CJHAC: Corporate Joint Hospital Association Committee

JHSC: Joint Health & Safety Committee. One per Sites

WSC: Workplace Safety Council

Health & Safety Sub groups: Corporate ONA/Occupational Health; Slips, Trips & Falls; Sharps; Violence Prevention Working Group; Violent Incident Review Committee; Radiation

Emergency Preparedness

NWWG: Nurses Week Work Group

FAC: Fiscal Advisory Committee

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