Election ballots have been sent out to all member who work at the Civic and General Campuses via Email and Canada Post.

If you have not received you ballot by end of day on September 20, please contact the Local office at local083office@ona.org with your personal email address, ONA number, campus and unit where you work by 12:00 noon on September 25 to allow us sufficient time to update your information and have a voting ballot sent to you before the end of voting on September 27 at 12:00 noon.

ONA Local 83-Elections

Contested position-Candidates resumes

Civic-Lead Representative

ONA Local 83-Elections

Contested position-Candidates resumes

General-Lead Representative

Meet Your Candidates for the Negotiation team from the General Site

Contested position-Candidates resumes

Local 83 Election-2023

Ticket of Nominations

Congratulations go out to those who have been acclaimed into the following positions:

Local Coordinator/BUP Rachel Muir

Secretary Kelly Johnston

TreasurerAngel Paniagra Perez

Grievance officerKen Speight

Civic Site VPAndrea Waddell

Vice BUPBonnie Taylor


Joint Health & Safety

GeneralKen Speight

Kelly Johnston

Marc-Andre Perron

Angel Paniagra Perez

Lisa-Elaine McKenny

Peter Stanley

Valerie Methot

Mobile CrisisKaywana Malcolm

RiversideBonnie Taylor

Heart InstituteCindy Desson

CivicAndrea Waddell

Rachel Winn

Mike Leclerc

Crystal Wiens

Caroline Horton


NegotiationsKate Magladry


Unit RepsJenifer SetteMOR-Civic

Rachel WinnA3- Civic

Valerie MethotPACU- GEN

Angel Paniagra Perez6NW- GEN

Marc-Andre Perron5N- GEN

Sharon CalverleyQCH Satellite Dialysis Unit

Peter StanleyER-GEN

Kate MagladryCSICU- Heart Institute

Cindy DessonH5- Heart Institute

Sarina Nastasiou7NCC-GEN



Contested Positions: Election will run from September 20, 2023 @ 06:00 and run until September 27th at 12:00.  A reminder that the elections will done electronically this year.

Lead Nurse Representative at Civic:Crystal Wiens

Mike Leclerc


Lead Nurse Representative at General:Peter Stanley

Marc-Andre Perron


Negotiation Committee at General: Ken Speight

Peter Stanley



Expression of Interest Forms: will be accepted until September 13, 2023 @ noon for the following empty positions:

General Site VP

Riverside Site VP

Heart Institute Site VP


Negotiating CommitteeCivic1 position

Riverside1 position

Any SiteNurse Practitioner 1 position

Members3 positions


Joint Health and Safety:Riverside2 position

Civic2 positions

Heart Institute1 position

West End Villa1 position

Beaverbrook1 position

TRC1 position

QCH Dialysis1 position

IGFCC11 position

Election CommitteeAll sites

Unit RepsMultiple Units

If there are any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me:

Sandra Kendrick -Election ChairKarl Cheung– Election Committee


Election starts on September 20, 2023 at 0600 and ends on September 27 at 1200 noon


Please Note: this year’s election will be held electronically and managed by SimplyVoting. If you have any election-related inquiries, please contact Sandra Kendrick at local083tr@ona.org.


 ONA Central’s Guide to the Election Process

Local Positions

Local Coordinator

Local Coordinator Job Description


Treasurer Job Description


Secretary Job Description

Bargaining Unit Positions

Bargaining Unit President

BUP Job Description–06-09-18

Vice Bargaining Unit President

Vice-Bargaining Unit President (BUP) Job Description

Grievance Officer

Grievance Officer Job Description

Site Vice President

Site Reps_Vice President  Job Description

Lead Nurse Representative

Lead Nurse Rep Job Description

Unit Representative

Unit Representive Job Description

Committee Positions

Negotiation Representative

Negotiation Committee Job Description

Health and Safety Representative

H&S Representative Job Description

Election Committee Representative

Please refer to Local Election Policies, pages 3 through 5.

How to File a Complaint

Complaint process



Current Executive

Rachel Muir- TOH BUP and Local 083 Local Coordinator.

Bonnie taylor-TOH Vice BUP

Sandra Kendrick- Treasurer

Kelly Johnston- Secretary

Sandy Mcewen- Grievance Officer

Andrea Waddell- Civic site V.P.

Crystal Weins – Civic Campus Lead Nurse Rep

Ken Speight- General Campus Site V.P.

Angel Perez- General Campus Lead Nurse Rep

Sandy Mcewen- Heart Institute site V.P.

Amy Robert- Riverside, TRC, IGFCC, QCH and SCO satellite dialysis units Site V.P.

Local 083 would also like to thank those that submitted their names for these positions but were not successful, it is not an easy thing to put yourself out there under that big a spotlight, and we hope that they will continue to be strong advocates for the rights of the union and their co-workers.

Rachel Muir RN Local Coordinator

Ontario Nurses’ AssociationLocal 083

Bargaining Unit PresidentThe Ottawa Hospital

Tel:(613)731-1314 Ext 222Fax:(613)731-1307


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