ONA Central’s Guide to the Election Process

Election Process-Local & Bargaining Unit

Local Positions

Local Coordinator

Local Coordinator Job Description


Treasurer Job Description


Secretary Job Description

Bargaining Unit Positions

Bargaining Unit President

BUP Job Description–06-09-18

Vice Bargaining Unit President

Vic-Bargaining Unit President (BUP) Job Description

Grievance Officer

Grievance Officer Job Description

Site Vice President

Site Reps_Vice President  Job Description

Lead Nurse Representative

Lead Nurse Rep Job Description

Unit Representative

Unit Representive Job Description

Committee Positions

Negotiation Representative

Negotiation Committee Job Description

Health and Safety Representative

H&S Representative Job Description

Election Committee Representative

Please refer to Local Election Policies, pages 3 through 5.

How to File a Complaint

Complaint process



Current Executive

Rachel Muir- TOH BUP and Local 083 Local Coordinator.

Bonnie taylor-TOH Vice BUP

Sandra Kendrick- Treasurer

Kelly Johnston- Secretary

Sandy Mcewen- Grievance Officer

Andrea Waddell- Civic site V.P.

Crystal Weins – Civic Campus Lead Nurse Rep

Ken Speight- General Campus Site V.P.

Angel Perez- General Campus Lead Nurse Rep

Sandy Mcewen- Heart Institute site V.P.

Amy Robert- Riverside, TRC, IGFCC, QCH and SCO satellite dialysis units Site V.P.

Local 083 would also like to thank those that submitted their names for these positions but were not successful, it is not an easy thing to put yourself out there under that big a spotlight, and we hope that they will continue to be strong advocates for the rights of the union and their co-workers.

Rachel Muir RN 
Local Coordinator

Ontario Nurses’ Association
Local 083

Bargaining Unit President
The Ottawa Hospital

Tel:(613)731-1314 Ext 222







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