Welcome to the Local 83 Team for 2024-2026

LC/BUP                                              Rachel  Muir
Vice BUP                                           Amy Roberts
Secretary                                           Kelly Johnston
           Treasurer                                           Angel Paningua-Perez
Grievance Officer                      Ken Speight
Civic Site VP                                      Andrea Waddell
Civic LNR                                           Crystal Wiens
General Site VP                                Marc-Andre Perron
General LNR                                     Peter Stanley
Heart Institute Site VP                   Nancy McEwen
Riverside Site VP                              Dawn Johnston
Negotiation Team
LC/BUP                                              Rachel Muir
HI                                                        Kate Magladry
Civic                                                    Caroline Horton
Riverside                                            Kristen Hartholt
General                                              Peter Stanley
Members                                           Ken Speight
Health & Safety
General: Ken Speight
Kelly Johnston
Marc-Andre Perron
Angel Paniagra Perez
Lisa-Elaine McKenny
Peter Stanley
Valerie Methot
Phillip Nguyen
Mobile Crisis:  Kaywana Malcolm
Riverside:​​Bonnie Taylor
HI: Cindy Desson
Erin Daly
                  Gwendolyn Asante
            Nancy McEwen
Civic:​​​ Andrea Waddell
Rachel Winn
Mike Leclerc
Crystal Wiens
Caroline Horton
Nasria Mohammad-Razeq
Lindsay Roberts
Jennifer Quarrington
Bearbrook: Dania Vilma
TRC: Rhode Alexandre
IGFCC: Sodasy Mann

 ONA Central’s Guide to the Election Process

Local Positions

Local Coordinator

Local Coordinator Job Description


Treasurer Job Description


Secretary Job Description

Bargaining Unit Positions

Bargaining Unit President

BUP Job Description–06-09-18

Vice Bargaining Unit President

Vice-Bargaining Unit President (BUP) Job Description

Grievance Officer

Grievance Officer Job Description

Site Vice President

Site Reps_Vice President  Job Description

Lead Nurse Representative

Lead Nurse Rep Job Description

Unit Representative

Unit Representive Job Description

Committee Positions

Negotiation Representative

Negotiation Committee Job Description

Health and Safety Representative

H&S Representative Job Description

Election Committee Representative

Please refer to Local Election Policies, pages 3 through 5.

How to File a Complaint

Complaint process




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