Health and Safety Letter

Dear ONA Member,

As a union member, you have the right to have union representation at any meeting regarding your workplace or non-workplace injury and modified work program. You also have the choice of the physician who will treat your injury. As your Health and Safety Representative, we are here to provide any assistance that you may require regarding your WSIB claim.

It is very important that you retain hard copies of all the necessary information in case there are any problems with your WSIB claim and for future reference. Please keep all your records concerning your injury together. This includes:

  • a copy of your Hospital Employee Incident Report;
  • a copy of the WSIB, Form 7 or Form 1492; and
  • a copy of the WSIB, Form 8, which is completed by the first treating physician
  • you may be required to apply for Long Term Disability to ensure your income is kept whole, as recovery may be longer than planned

(Call the Benefit Coordinator in Human Resources for application of LTD)

Ontario Nurse’s Association and The Ottawa Hospital are committed to providing modified work to those members with related injuries , whenever possible. Therefore it is important to keep Occupational Health & Safety Services apprised of any difficulties you may encounter with your modified work program.

If you have any questions about your WSIB claim or modified work program, please contact your ONA Local 83 Office:

Ontario Nurses Association Local 83
36 Antares Drive Suite 1000
Ottawa , ON K2E 7W5

Tel: (613) 731-1314
Fax: (613) 731-1307

Please leave a detailed message (name, site/campus, home phone #) in the voice mailbox of the Health and Safety Representative of your site.

Civic site voice mail ext. 251
General site voice mail ext. 260
Riverside site voice mail ext. 261
TRC site voice mail ext. 260
Heart Institute voice mail ext. 253