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Ontario Nurses’ Association Files Charter Challenge of Bill 124
Bill will worsen hallway health care, discriminate against women


Nurses and the Provincial Government

ONA members represent the voice of experience in every sector of our health care system. We believe Health Minister Deb Mathews and Premier Dalton McGuinty will learn much about the front-lines of our health care system when they listen to the voices of nurses.

ONA is advocating for a renewed commitment to our public health care system. This strong commitment to medicare and better health care is shared by nurses and their patients.

Nurses support the Government’s goals of greater transperency, integration and accountability in our health care system. Transformation must not be accomplished on the backs of nurses.

Front-line nurses are proud of the quality care they deliver to their patients. Quality care is increasingly a challenge to deliver given the heavy workloads and understaffing our members face each and every day. ONA believes that immediate priority for health care should focus on stabilizing our system by adding more nurses and allied health professionals.

Nurses are demanding a healthy and safe work environment. The Labour Minister has more work to do, to ensure nursing workplaces protect the health and safety of workers delivering care to Ontario patients. Healthy workplaces are an important tool to facilitate the recruitment and retention of nurses and other health care professionals.

First-Vice Coordinator Local 83

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