Local Elections
Guidelines for candidates

As per ONA Local 083 Election Policies;

8.0 Campaign Etiquette

  1. It is understood that candidates agree to abide by ONA’s Local Election Process.
  2. Candidates for office must be entitled members as defined in the ONA Constitution.
  3. Campaign materials shall be posted at all Bargaining Units and Sites, where applicable, in a fair and equitable manner.
  4. No slandering or intimidation of other candidates.
  5. Campaigning is not to interfere with patient care.
  6. Each candidate is responsible for their own expenses.
  7. Elections materials must not violate the Human Rights Code and must be truthful, fair, and in good taste.
  8. No campaigning on paid Local time.
  9. No campaign information will be included in the Local Newsletter.
  10. All election campaigns will cease 24 hours prior to the elections.
  11. The candidates are responsible for the removal of campaign material.


The Local 083 Election committee is currently in conversation with TOH Labour Relations to clarify campaigning guidelines pertaining to COVID 19. We will continue to update candidates with regard to this matter.

Members interested in vacant positions are encouraged to submit a completed Expression of Interest form for the position. This form must be submitted to the Election Committee Chair at the Local 083 office prior to December 1st, 2020. The position will remain vacant until the beginning of the new term (January 1st, 2021).




Cheshta Sharma

Election Committee Chair, ONA Local 083




ONA Local 083 Election Policies


ONA Central’s Guide to the Election Process

Election Process-Local & Bargaining Unit

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Please refer to Local Election Policies, page 3 through 5.

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